15 yrs old, sometimes i draw, idfk, i read some manga and watch some anime? huge weeb, sometimes i play some games, yeah.
i like to draw, that's pretty much all there is.

And we will never be alone again, ‘cause it doesn’t happen everyday [x]

Anonymous asked: seu lindo

black-shards asked: How did you make that glass of water it's so cool!

Thanks! Basically, you just model the glass and the background, i did the two blue objects for reference on the distortion, all in 3DS Max, then you can simulate the water flow on a software called RealFlow, it’s heavy as hell but pretty neat, you put the water flow back at the scene, and apply the materials, like, a regular material for the background and blue objects and glass material for the glass and the water, yeah, both have the same material, you put up some lights and render it all on V-ray.

But if you don’t have any experience with 3D, long story short: 3D magicks



And we will never be alone again

Daft Punk-Instant crush

Fuck me up by caecpr

February doodles

I… kinda try

Fly, Rin by caecpr